RISCm and 360integrity Help Files On-Line



This month we uploaded the RISCm and 360integrity help files and users manuals to a website to make access to the files easier for Clients and users around the world.

Where in the past the Help Files where hosted directly within the software, and therefore distributed to a Clients server, hosting them on-line offers a number of advantages.

  • Users can get access to them from anywhere in the world they have a web connection.
  • We are able to more easily update the files in one location instead of over 30 Client servers.
  • The management of Change process we employ is easily controlled form this single location.
  • Users get access to updated information, cheat sheets, quick references and other information almost as soon as it is created.

We hope this process makes as much sense to all of our users as it does to us. With the addition of the RISCm forum pages we now have an information loop between end users and our developers, and the ability to share new techniques for use in RISCm quickly.