360integrity is compatible with internally and externally stored multimedia files such as PDF’s, Drawings, Word Documents, Text Documents, Spreadsheets, Image files and all video formats, such as mp4.

Incorporate data-auditing rules that live within the system, ensuring there no gaps within your data. The auditing rules help to cleanse data errors and inconsistencies.

360integrity™ also links to external databases. The system consumes information, regardless of its source, and integrates it in a way not previously possible. The result is greater intelligence with which to make significantly more cost effective decisions.

360integrity SaaS

Cloud-hosted on a monthly subscription plan ranging from 12 months to 5 years.

Customised functionality, tailored to client requirements.

360integrity On-Premise

Fully integrated Corrosion, Maintenance & Integrity Technology Suite

Access-all Functionality.

Turnkey installation on client servers, including Data-Population