Strategic Corrosion Management is a world leader in all aspects of corrosion, coatings, PFP and insulation management having developed a range of tools, techniques and products tightly integrated with the needs of our clients, whilst providing the back-up and support necessary for them to operate at maximum efficiency.

Originally launched as the TCI Group in 1980, the company provides Asset Integrity, Corrosion and Fabric Maintenance Consultancy and Inspection Management services. Our services support the Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing and Process sectors both on and offshore around the world.

SCM offers the following specialist services
and products:

  • Consultancy & Training (Fabric & Corrosion).
  • 360integrity Framework Deployment
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • ECMS_Lifetime / Annual – External Corrosion Management Service
  • The Effectiveness Audit – An Asset Integrity, Corrosion
    and Fabric Maintenance Management Assessment
  • 360integrity™ – Fully Integrated Integrity, Corrosion and Fabric Management System
  • RISCm™(FM) External Corrosion & Fabric Maintenance Management System
  • SafeMark(tm) Pipe Contents Markers