At the heart of the 360integrity concept is RISCm™ (Risk, Integrity & Strategic Corrosion Management).

The RISCm™ style of management is of
huge value when inspection resources are
stretched or plant availability is low. Here
‘RISCm™’ can be used to determine where
best to deploy resources most efficiently.
A contemporary use for RISCm™ is in ‘Near Miss Analysis’ – where failures on other facilities may be modelled to determine similar risks on current plant.

Tying together ‘Component, Corrosion and Fabric Maintenance Management’ as RISCm™ does, we get the most attractive and effective means to implement a ‘Corrosion Management Strategy’- whatever that might be. There are few (if any) corrosion threats that cannot be modelled in RISCm™, yet it requires a much reduced operator skill set than necessary for any other system, allowing personnel to quickly become familiar with it, while still ensuring consistency across the system and promoting confidence in its outputs.

RISCm™ delivers the ability to:

  • Accurately define plant
  • corrosion condition Manage plant integrity Plan and control the inspection
  • and maintenance works
  • cost-effectively Select the right people,
  • techniques and materials
  • for maintenance Maintain corrosion
  • management traceability Implement, control and
  • monitor the Corrosion Management Strategy Manage the Integrity/Cost model for targeted plant life Develop ‘Objective Evidence’
  • of Corrosion Control and
  • Safety Considerations