SafeMark ™ Pipe Contents Markers

Why Identify Pipe Contents?

Health & Safety Regulations call for all pipework to be identified with the type of materials they contain. They should be clearly marked to highlight flow direction at valves and joints and show pictograms for substances classified as dangerous.

Most Engineers recognise the time saving involved in rapidly identifying pipes rather than ‘walking the line’ and scouring drawings. In addition the hazards faced by unfamiliar personnel and outside contractors during maintenance work are vastly reduced, as is the time spent on line identification for ‘Permit to Work’ systems.

The pictograms are invaluable in rapid identification of potential hazards from leaks or breaches in the system – so safety implications can be more easily controlled.

How Does SafeMark Work?

SCM helps you to identify how many markers are required for your plant – and where they should be located. We also design the colouring and style of text which best suit your needs. Our technical staff are available to undertake an on-site survey – to quote you for the number of markers required – and to fit them for you if required.

Fitting is a simple process: just unfurl the marker and allow it to snap around the pipe. On a larger diameter pipes – or at exposed locations – we can provide a banding system for additional security. SafeMark can be fitted quickly using any form of plant access equipment.

SCM can supply you with markers from our standard range – or we can design to your specific instructions.

What is SafeMark?

SafeMark is a unique method of identifying pipes and their contents that can be fitted rapidly without special tools – and are very cost effective.

The markers are specially formed from a ‘memory retaining’ material, printed on its inner surface with colour coding – text – identification codes – pictograms and individual notes if required. The material is UV resistant and for temperatures up to 80 Deg. C. offers a robust and long lasting solution to pipe identification problems. The advantages of SafeMark over more conventional marking systems are six-fold.

  • SafeMark is less than half the cost of painted on markers over the life of  a plant.
  • SafeMark does not promote Crevice Corrosion as experienced with tape applied markers.
  • SafeMark colours, text and even pictograms can be specified for individual lines.
  • SafeMark markers can be relocated or removed and replaced making maintenance easy and re-marking unnecessary.
  • Plant Engineers can hand write comments or codes in a transparent window in the marker body.
  • There are typically no cleaning steps necessary before fitting.