Introducing 360°integrity
We coined the term 360integrity to describe the requirements for a holistic, easily implemented and robust ‘Integrated Approach’ to integrity management. 360integrity integrates Component, Corrosion and Fabric maintenance into a single, controllable management toolset.
SCM has created 360integrity to ‘wrap-around’ a facility offering asset managers the chance to ‘deeply’ influence its potential to be corrosion-risk-free, perhaps for the first time ever.
What is 360°integrity?
By bringing together ALL of the information already available about plant condition, regardless of its source, and integrating it in a way not possible before, asset managers can draw from it remarkable and normally unavailable intelligence about:

It also brings together disparate data about surface conditions, metallurgy, CUI potential and future maintenance plans, inspection data, corrosion trends or any combination of these factors.

Modelled on ISO 55000 management philosophies, the purpose of 360integrity is to allow better and more timely decisions to be made about critical and non-critical situations, then prioritise, plan, budget and schedule works to minimise costs and get the greatest reward from maintenance expenditure. The support for modern standards and HSE requirements allows users of 360integrity to generate ‘Objective Evidence’ of complete corrosion control.

  • External & Internal Corrosion
  • Corrosion & Maintenance
  • Strategies Safety Case
  • Protocols Financial, Safety and Environmental Constraints
  • Plant Life Expectancy & Process Expectations